The Swedish Course for Beginners will help you:

  • Build a foundation

    Learn the foundational aspects of the Swedish language, like greetings and going to the store. You will learn to manage basic interactions with ease!

  • Master the basics

    Begin to navigate social interactions with friends and colleagues in Swedish and gain insight into Swedish culture with our videos on the workplace, shops, and meeting with friends.

  • Achieve confidence

    At the end of the course, you will have the tools you need to keep learning and achieve independence and comfort in your everyday life.

Accelerate your language skills

We're here to help you on your journey as a beginner in the Swedish language, with high-quality digital learning tools to help you grow your skills as a confident speaker. Learn from expert native speakers, and study anytime and anyplace with Studio Swedish!
swedish lesson chapters

Learn Swedish through everyday scenarios

You will learn the foundational aspects of Swedish- greetings for friends and the workplace, as well as how to form difficult pronunciations. This is an important part of building more complex skills in Swedish!

Engaging, video-based learning

Each chapter provides you with a video to illustrate the focus of that chapter, the video script, a vocabulary list, and quizzes to help you practice what you've learned. Relatable situations are illustrated by contemporary digital tools to help you conquer practical vocabulary. With our videos and accompanying English scripts and Swedish-English vocabulary lists, you will find yourself becoming comfortable with pronunciation.
teaching swedish sentences

Navigate Swedish culture and daily life

With each chapter, you will build on previous knowledge by encountering more complex sentence structures, question words, and helping verbs. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to strengthen your speaking skills and practice Swedish in the real world!

What our students are saying

“I’ve studied a little Swedish on my own so far, and Studio Swedish was a fantastically simple way to better understand conversation and grammar. The videos were clever, and they even explained some grammatical concepts I thought I already understood more clearly than I had learned in the past. I wish I had found this kind of class right from the beginning of my studies!”


“I loved the Basic Swedish Course from Studio Swedish! As an expat living in Sweden, I’ve been feeling very self-conscious about my lack of Swedish vocabulary. The course gave me tons of confidence to deal with everyday situations and speak Swedish out in public, and my comprehension has improved a lot. ”


“Studio Swedish is a wonderful guide that helps you to make the first steps into the Swedish language and culture. The whole learning process is smooth and relaxed. Each chapter has both grammar and cultural lessons, and you will learn some of the most important words and how to create the necessary sentences, which you can start using Swedish every day. Step by step you will become a confident speaker! The informative and entertaining videos will definitely put a smile on your face. ”


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